How to Install a Jo Blog Posts

Before you start on these steps, make sure you’re using the latest version WordPress and you’ve installed the latest version of Divi. Please refer to these tutorials if you’re unsure how to do that:

  1. How to update WordPress
  2. How to Install Divi

1. Open the .zip file

Download the zip file. Unzip this file to find the enclosed .json file. Wait, that’s it? Yup, that’s it! The .json file contains all the layouts, modules, CSS and photos.

3. Upload the .json file

In the backend of WordPress find the Divi link in the sidebar, hover over it and click “Divi Library”. On that page, click the “Import & Export” button at the top of the page. Click the import tab, upload the .json file and hit the “Import Divi Builder Layouts” button. This might take several minutes. Once complete you’ll see the new layouts in your library.

3. Add the layouts to a post

In the sidebar go to “Posts” and choose “Add New”. If it’s not activated, click the “Use the Divi Builder” button.

Click the “Load Layout” button at the top of the builder – this will open a pop up. Click “Your Saved Layouts” and it should list the 3 Jo layouts you’ve just added. Just click the one you want to use and it will populate in the Divi builder.

4. Editing the layout

These layouts have been built to be as easy to edit as possible. There’s no external CSS, all elements are editable within the Divi builder. If you’re unsure of how to edit any of the modules, please refer to the Divi documentation.

5. Update page options

For the page to display correctly you need to set the page options on the upper right side of the screen to hide the post title and use the fullwidth layout. A screenshot of this section with the required options can be seen below.

Once that’s been edited you can publish your post.